Why You Need Different Styles of Custom T-Shirts

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Why You Need Different Styles of Custom T-Shirts

Why You Need Different Styles of Custom T-Shirts Bryon Center, MI

When done right, custom tees become walking billboards people actually want to wear. Does your brand need custom t-shirts to spread your name far and wide? If so, our Byron Center t-shirt printing specialists can help you choose styles and cuts that flatter a range of body types. 

Here’s why you need different styles of custom t-shirts to represent your company’s brand.

Uncomfortable Shirts Get Tossed

Unisex t-shirtscan easily accommodate a large group of people for a one-time event. However, you’ll want to invest in different cuts and fits if you want people to continue wearing your customized shirts.

When a shirt doesn’t fit right, it’s pushed to the back of the closet until it’s eventually tossed or donated. Your target audience is more likely to continue wearing custom t-shirts that complement your brand, look flattering, and fit comfortably.

Vary Styles to Appeal to More People

The classic tee is a wardrobe staple, but is it the best way to show off your brand? For example, it makes more sense for a yoga studio to print their logo on tank tops than fleece sweaters. As a t-shirt printing company, we can help your brand appeal to a wider range of people by printing on different styles and fits.

Clothing Brands Differ in Size

Not all customized shirts look the same, even when they’re the same size and fit. Make sure you triple check the differences in size between clothing brands before ordering custom tees. Otherwise, you could end up with sizes that are bigger or smaller than what you expected. For example, junior sizes are cut smaller and fit tighter than women's sizes.

Understand Your Audience

Do you know whether more of your customers are male or female? The answer will affect the styles and cuts you choose for your custom t-shirts. Check with our t-shirt printing experts prior to choosing garments, especially if we’ll be printing on both men’s and women’s tees. Otherwise, the screens we build to print men’s tees could be too big for the women’s tees.

Customers Prefer Flattering Styles

People are more likely to wear your custom t-shirts when the fit is flattering and comfortable. How the shirt fits also determines when people choose to wear them. For example, women often wear shapeless shirts to relax around the house or work out at the gym. Depending on your brand, these contexts may not be the most flattering for your company. We recommend choosing t-shirt styles that flatter different body types, as well as your brand.

You’re more likely to wear company logo shirts when they fit well. Fortunately, we’re able to print your design on different cuts and styles of custom tees to flatter a range of body types. The goal of any custom t-shirt printing should be to create clothing people actually want to wear.

Get the Custom Designed Shirts You Need

Our Byron Center t-shirt printing company proudly serves all of West Michigan. To learn more about our t-shirt screen screening process or to order custom t-shirts for your company, call SportingU at (616) 730-1614. Feel free to also contact us online.

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