Why School Groups Need Custom T-Shirts

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Why School Groups Need Custom T-Shirts

Why School Groups Need Custom T-Shirts Bryon Center, MI

We are proud to offer t-shirt screen printing services to schools throughout West Michigan. Custom t-shirts not only look cool, but improve student safety on field trips, bring sports teams together, and boost school spirit.

As an apparel printing company, we make it easy to submit your school logo and pick out colors for your custom t-shirt design. We even have experienced graphic designers available to help bring your ideas to life.

Aren’t sure if you need to order printed shirts just yet? Continue reading to learn how your students could benefit from wearing custom tees.

Make Field Trips Safer

While field trips are great learning opportunities for children to explore their communities, safety should always be a priority. Whether you teach elementary or high school students, you may want to order custom t-shirts for your class.

If you are giving your older students the opportunity to explore on their own, customized t-shirts can help you find them easily in a crowd. We also recommend teachers wear personalized t-shirts on school outings so students can find them quickly if separated.

For small children, you may want brightly colored printed shirts so you can tell when a student tries to wander away from the group. It’s much easier to keep track of your students when they’re all wearing the same color.

Are bright colors not what you had in mind for your custom t-shirts? No problem. We recommend choosing school colors as they will always complement a prominent school logo. Custom t-shirts not only improve student safety on field trips, but increase school name recognition while out in the community.

Organize Sports Teams

Whether you are coaching youth basketball or high school football, you can count on our experience in t-shirt printing. Nothing boosts team morale more than wearing custom sports apparel. Custom jerseys or other sports apparel can help students feel like they are a part of something bigger than themselves.

Team jerseys bring players together by reminding them that they are working toward common goals. Athletes on the same team spend a lot of time together, especially during practice or when traveling to the next game. Custom apparel helps students bond and in turn, perform more confidently during competitions or games.

Start Casual Fridays

Do your students have to wear school uniforms? If so, you may want to start casual Fridays so students can break from the monotony of polo shirts and khakis. We understand that school uniforms can help create structured learning environments for children.

However, there’s nothing that says your students can’t enjoy one day out of the week to wear their school-approved custom t-shirts. A weekly “spirit day” can also help children express their individuality and school spirit.

If you plan on selling customized t-shirts to students, make sure you offer adult sizes for parents. In our experience, parents love to show their support of their children’s schools by wearing custom tees so having options available is a great idea.

We Can Help You Design the Perfect Shirts

Our t-shirt printing company in Byron Center, MI, is able to design and print personalized t-shirts for all types of school groups. To order custom t-shirts from SportingU, call (616) 730-1614.

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