What Makes Promotional Items Effective?

What Makes Promotional Items Effective?

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What makes promotional items effective at trade shows? To understand the answer to this question you only need to remember three things. People love promotional products that are:

  1. Valuable 
  2. Useful 
  3. Portable 

That's it. That's the secret formula. If you can keep these things in mind, you'll be one step closer to generating more leads for your business. 

We'd also like to note that WHO receives your promotional items makes a big difference. Handing out custom t-shirts to random strangers hurts your return on investment. This is because there's no way of knowing if a random stranger is a qualified lead. 

A qualified lead should be someone who's interested in your products or services. Promotional items are most effective when given to qualified leads and current customers.

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People don't like cheap stuff. Period. They especially don't appreciate things that are going to clutter up their homes. Keep your promotional products out of the trash by choosing items that have value. Yet, remember that cost is only one aspect of value. People also attribute value to promotional items they use often.

Value can mean different things to different people. For this reason, it's important that you know your target audience well. For example, free tire gauges are valuable to first-time car buyers. Clip-on safety lights are valuable to bicyclists. Knowing your target audience is key in choosing the right promotional products.


This may sound redundant, but people use useful stuff. For example, people use custom mugs to drink coffee and other hot beverages. The more people use your promotional products, the more exposure your company gets.

The last thing you want is for your promotional items to sit in a drawer (or landfill). As a promotional products supplier, you can trust us to carry what you need. We have everything from custom coffee mugs to embroidered hats. 


Traveling to a trade show that's out of state? You're not alone. Most of the people you'll meet will also be from out of town. For this reason, it's important you choose promotional items that travel well. People are more likely to take your promotional items home if they can be tucked into a suitcase or worn.

While coolers and other "big ticket" items can be great to receive in the moment, you can't pack them into a suitcase. Yet, a custom hat with your company logo can be worn into the airport and on the plane ride home. As a promotional products supplier, we also offer t-shirt screen printing. Custom apparel makes for the perfect wearable advertising. (Think of how many impressions you'll get!)

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