Improve Worker Productivity with Custom Apparel

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Improve Worker Productivity with Custom Apparel

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Do you feel like your workplace could use a shared identity? Aren’t sure if custom apparel would help?

As a t-shirt printing company, we’re proud to help bring people together through custom apparel. Custom t-shirts are more than just garments of clothing; they’re also a way for employees to identify with your brand and their roles within your company.

Help Employees Focus

Do your employees wear the same clothes they would wear at home? Since people feel more relaxed at home, they may bring that casual approach to work if there isn’t a dress code. Custom t-shirts with your company logo can help your employees transition to a working frame of mind, boosting productivity.

Wearing custom apparel also helps employees remember that they are representing your company and should act accordingly. Wearing custom shirts embroidered with your logo is a subtle reminder to employees that they should focus on their work.

Additionally, custom t-shirts are often a great middle ground between a casual and a formal work environment. Formal but uncomfortable workplace clothing can be just as distracting as casual wear. Custom t-shirts with your company logo are a perfect balance between comfort and professionalism. 

Build Team Unity

Embroidered polos and other custom apparel can help your employees feel like they’re working on the same team.

Company shirts also make it easier for employees to spot other members of your team in a busy store or restaurant if they need assistance. For example, someone stocking shelves may need to ask another employee where a certain item is or how to help a customer.

Additionally, wearing company t-shirts can have a similar effect as wearing a school uniform. More and more public schools in the U.S. are switching their vague dress codes for specific school uniforms. The hope is that having everyone wear the same outfit will even the playing field, decrease bullying, and give students a sense of school pride. 

The same can be true in the workplace. Although bullying is (hopefully) no longer a concern for most adults, custom apparel can instill a sense of company pride and make employees feel more like a team. There’s something reassuring when everyone, no matter their title, position, or salary, is wearing the same company shirt. 

Improve Accountability

Your employees can blend into the crowd if they’re wearing casual clothing, making it easier for them to shirk their responsibilities. It’s a lot harder to hold workers to a high standard if you don’t know where they are or what they’re doing. Fortunately, we’re able to create a range of different colors and styles of custom apparel for your team. 

Improve Self-Esteem

Your employees will seem more knowledgeable to the public when they dress like professionals. You can trust our t-shirt printing company to create custom apparel that complements your brand and personal style.

Most confidence comes from experience, but custom apparel can give your employees a boost. When employees are dressed like professionals in their field, they’re more likely to feel confident in their abilities and to provide better customer service.

Make Your Employees a Team with Custom Apparel

We want to help your employees look their best in our custom polos and other logo gear. Our Byron Center, MI, t-shirt printing company can create custom t-shirts for your company that will increase both the productivity and the professionalism of your team. Call SportingU today at (616) 730-1614, or contact us online to learn more about our t-shirt screen printing and embroidery services.

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