How to Generate Leads with Promotional Products

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How to Generate Leads with Promotional Products

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How many leads has your company generated this month? How about the last six months? Promotional products can help bridge the gap between your company and prospective customers. 

What Is a Lead?

First, we need to define what a lead is. A lead is someone who has interest in the products or services your company offers — in other words, a prospective customer.

If a lead is a prospective customer, then what is lead generation? Simply put, lead generation is all of the effort that goes into attracting strangers and turning them into prospective clients. At SportingU, we believe promotional products play a key role in effective lead generation.

Three Tips for Lead Generation

When we talk about lead generation through promotional products, we don’t mean just handing out pens or stress balls to strangers at trade shows. To get your full return on investment, you’ll need to use promotional products as a way to get contact information and start conversations. 

Here are three ways to use promotional products effectively for lead generation:

  1. Set up a referral program
  2. Offer digital rewards
  3. Create tiers for qualified leads

1. Set Up a Referral Program

A referral program can be a great way to get qualified leads. After all, happy customers are the best evidence that you’re doing a good job.

To thank customers for providing qualified leads, we recommend giving thoughtful promotional products. Promotional items can even be used as an incentive for customers to refer their friends and family.

2. Offer Digital Rewards

More and more companies are using digital rewards to generate leads.

Here’s a quick snapshot of how it works: At a tradeshow or other event, you would give someone a “gift card” that allows them to redeem their reward by going to an online landing page created by your company. The digital rewards can be anything you choose, from movie tickets to restaurant vouchers.

Digital rewards work as promotional products because they have a high perceived value. They’re also great because they require prospective leads to enter their contact information before they can collect their rewards.

Our graphic designers can help you create the perfect digital rewards card to complement your brand and the landing page you set up.

3. Create Tier for Qualified Leads

Most of your competition will give away inexpensive promotional items to anyone who passes by. To stand out, why not create tiers of promotional items? 

While small promotional items could be given to anyone who stops by your booth, you could reserve big-ticket items for qualified leads. We offer a range of different trade show giveaways for you to choose from.

Here’s an example of how you can create separate tiers for promotional products:

  • Tier 3: Anyone who stops by your booth
  • Tier 2: Anyone who stops by your booth and provides their name, company, job title, and email address
  • Tier 1: Anyone who provides their contact information and is a truly qualified lead for the types of products and services your company offers

Having separate tiers for promotional products not only generates interest in your booth, but also helps you determine which leads are most promising. Since you’re giving away something with higher perceived value, you’re able to ask more in-depth questions or even have them fill out a short survey.

Generate Leads with Quality Promotional Products

We are a Byron Center, MI, promotional products supplier who can help your company find the right custom products. We offer a range of promotional products that you can use to generate leads for your business. To learn more about our promotional products, call SportingU today at (616) 730-1614, or contact us online.

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