7 Promotional Items Perfect for Winter

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7 Promotional Items Perfect for Winter

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With winter comes new opportunities to give away promotional products that complement your brand and the season. In our experience, the most successful promotional products are those that are the most useful and relevant to your customers. While Frisbees and other outdoor promotional products are popular during the spring, you’ll need to adapt your marketing strategy to stay relevant this winter.

Continue reading to learn about the 7 promotional items perfect for winter. For more information, don&rsquao;t hesitate to reach out to our promotional products supplier in Byron Center, Michigan.

1.) Ice Scrapers

Nothing is more practical than an ice scraper in the middle of winter. The last thing your customers want is to be caught unprepared when their windshields are covered with snow and ice. Imagine the relief your customers will have when they find the free ice scraper you gave them tucked in their glove compartment. Imagine that gratitude extending to your company.

2.) Coffee Mugs

Nothing is cozier than sipping a cup of coffee or hot cocoa while it’s snowing outside. Why not help your customers associate this warm fuzzy feeling with your brand? We’re able to create custom coffee mugs with your company logo your customers will actually want to use. In our opinion, you can never have too many personalized coffee mugs.

3.) Winter Apparel

Your customers can never have enough winter hats, especially since they can be easily forgotten on buses, inside shopping carts, or scattered around the house. Fortunately, your company can help solve this problem by providing custom embroidered hats with your logo. Custom apparel for winter is not only practical, but a great way to advertise your company as your employees or prospective customers run errands around town.

The more people use your promotional products, the more favorably they’ll think of your company. We also offer plenty of custom apparel for the cold weather ahead, such as long-sleeved shirts and jackets. We’re able to work with you to create the best promotional items for your brand.

4.) Blankets

Our custom blankets are cozy and warm! Ask us about how we can place your company logo on our quality-made blankets. In the cold winter months ahead, your customers will appreciate having extra blankets around the house.

5.) Socks

No one likes to walk on cold floors, which is why socks make the perfect promotional items to give away this winter. The next time your customers pull on a pair of socks with your logo, they’ll be reminded of your company’s thoughtfulness.

6.) Magnets

While magnets can be used year-round, they’re especially useful during the holidays for displaying the kids’ holiday artwork and keeping shopping lists handy. Since magnets are incredibly useful, people are more likely to keep them around than other types of promotional products.

7.) Stress Balls

Custom stress balls are among the most popular promotional products year-round, but are especially useful during the holidays. Whether your customers have in-laws visiting from out of town or overwhelming checklists for holiday preparations, your customers might appreciate having stress balls handy.

As a promotional products supplier, we pride ourselves on offering a variety of items to fit your company’s marketing needs. To learn more about the promotional products we offer, call SportingU at (616) 730-1614.

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