5 Ways Spirit Wear Improves School Culture

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5 Ways Spirit Wear Improves School Culture

5 Ways Spirit Wear Improves School Culture Bryon Center, MI

Are you a teacher or school administrator? If so, you’ve probably noticed that some of the biggest challenges in education are getting students to work as a team and feel pride in their schools. We understand that you want what’s best for your students, which is why we create printed shirts and other spirit wear that reflect the values of your school. Continue reading to learn how our t-shirt printing company can help.

Benefits of Spirit Wear

Extracurricular Activities

Research shows that students perform better academically when they’re involved in extracurricular activities. Think about what kinds of activities your school is involved in and how students could benefit from school shirts. For example, could the marching band use custom t-shirts to use during practices out on the field? Do you want to encourage students to audition for the upcoming school play? Cool customized t-shirts can help encourage students to get more involved with their school. Remember that most children and teens just want to feel like they belong.

Sports Teams

Athletes on the same team spend a lot of time together, especially during practice or when traveling to the next game. Custom jerseys, team jackets, and other sports apparel reinforce the shared identity between student athletes so they can play better as a team. Custom sports apparel also reminds students that they are part of something bigger and that it’s their job to represent their team and school well.

Field Trips

Whether you’re responsible for a group of kindergarteners or teenagers, custom school apparel can help you keep track of your students and create a presence when out in the community. For example, wearing custom t-shirts with your school’s name and logo can help people recognize the good deeds of your students during volunteer work. Likewise, you’ll be able to easily spot a child who wanders from the group.

School Spirit

School pride doesn’t have to end after homecoming week. If you want students to show their school spirit year round, consider school spirit shirts. High school students especially take pride in the year they’re set to graduate. Spirit wear could also include hoodies, sweatshirts, hats, gym bags, and more.

Teachers and Parents

Don’t forget the teachers and parents! If you’re ordering school spirit shirts and other custom apparel from us, make sure you include both child and adult sizes. We’re sure that parents would love to show their support for their children’s school. Likewise, you can probably bet that the teachers will want to show off their school pride and be looking for their sizes. The success of your school wouldn’t be possible without all the hardworking teachers and parent volunteers. Make sure they feel included with school spirit shirts and other custom apparel.

Other ways you could use t-shirts for school spirit:

  • Field day
  • Standardized tests
  • Clubs and other groups
  • Academic competitions
  • Theater Performances
  • Camps
  • And more!

Back to school doesn’t have to mean back to boring when you call our t-shirt printing company in Byron Center. Whether you’re interested in custom t-shirt printing or our other graphic design services, you can count on our expertise. To schedule your quote for custom school apparel, call SportingU at (616) 730-1614.

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