5 Ways Spirit Wear Improves School Culture

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5 Ways Spirit Wear Improves School Culture

5 Ways Spirit Wear Improves School Culture Bryon Center, MI

Spirit wear has been known to reduce bullying and increase students’ value in school culture, extra-curricular attendance, unity, and belonging. 

If you’re a teacher, school administrator, or parent trying to find ways to improve your student atmosphere, you’ve probably noticed that some of the biggest challenges in education are getting students to work as a team and feel pride in their school. 

We understand that, which is why we create cool custom prints and other spirit wear that reflect the values and culture of your school. Continue reading to learn how your students may be impacted.

1. Spirit Wear Can Promote Student Togetherness

Here’s the thing: some school apparel lines aren’t always the best. 

It’s just a fact and as a custom print shop, it’s easy for us to call out designs that were rushed or that won’t actually get worn. If you’re going to create unity through spirit wear at your school, you need unique gear that people will enjoy wearing. 

The methodology to spirit wear reducing bullying follows something similar to school uniforms, in that students who wear spirit wear feel like they belong, and that they don’t have to compete. 

This is beneficial because if students feel like they have a community surroundingthem, bullies are less likely to assert themselves. The result ends up being a noticeable reduction in bullying and an increased sense of togetherness. 

As a custom print shop, we can make you some stylish school spirit wear that your students can wear for a variety of occasions. From custom sweats to zip-ups, we know what students are looking for and what designs they enjoy. These are things that matterwhen it comes to students’ opinions of spirit wear. 

2. Spirit Wear Can Increase Extracurricular Activity Attendance

Research shows that students perform better academically when they’re involved in extracurricular activities. 

This involvement is often verified by custom spirit wear. This can range from apparel for everyone to apparel for certain members like a sports team or marching band. 

Wearing spirit wear that showcases what a student is a part of boosts their morale and helps them feel like they belong. This, in turn, encourages others to join, and be a part of the school’s community. 

On top of that, school-wide events like pep rallies are most impactful when students wear something that reflects their school. It’s a way to speak to them and say: You belong here

A sense of belonging is something students carry with them. When they know they have a community behind them and can represent that on their sleeves, they can use that sense of belonging as a mechanism to say no to unhealthy situations without feeling like they’re suddenly alone.

3. Spirit Wear Can Help with School Representation

Athletes on the same team spend a lot of time together, especially during practice or when traveling to the next game. Theater kids rehearse for hours and hours with a great passion for what they can create. Club members routinely show up to discuss, learn, and grow in their passions and crafts. 

All of these groups at your school then go out and represent you in the community. Oftentimes, people are afraid of this and point to when a student does something bad while wearing a school shirt or carrying a school duffel bag. However, this fearfulness shouldn’t be what you listen to. 

The reality is that students who belong to a community and then represent that in the broader community often spread positivity. When a member of your town or city sees productive students wearing school spirit wear, you better believe they’re going to hold your district in high regard. 

And that valuable reputation spreads amongst other families, students, and districts. 

4. Spirit Wear Can Improve Field Trip Safety

Whether you’re responsible for a group of kindergarteners or rowdy seniors, custom school apparelcan help youkeep track of your students when out in the community. 

No matter if you’re off at Cedar Point or Michigan’s Adventure, it’s helpful to have matching shirts for your students. This helps you find them, them find each other, and it tends to dissuade dangerous strangers. 

While your students are out in a new place, they’ll take a lot of value in having representation through apparel. This gives students a sense of community and safety. 

5. Spirit Wear for School Spirit Days

School pride doesn’t have to end after homecoming week. If you want students to show their school spirit year-round, consider school spirit shirts and routine spirit days. 

Some schools value doing a spirit day every Friday and allow students to wear casual clothing. Others schedule them once a month and encourage students to go all out for it. 

Whatever your preference, know that days designated to representing school spirit can boost student achievement and morale. 

Other ways you could use custom t-shirts for school spirit:

  • Field day
  • Standardized tests
  • Healthy competitions
  • Opening night for plays
  • Camps
  • Classroom pride
  • And more! 

Bonus: Spirit Wear for Teachers and Parents

If you’re ordering school spirit shirts and other custom apparel from us, make sure you include both child and adult sizes. We’re sure that parents would love to show their support for their children’s school!

Likewise, you can probably bet that the teachers will want to show off their school pride so look for their sizes as well. The success of your school wouldn’t be possible without all the hardworking teachers and parent volunteers. Make sure they feel included with cool custom school apparel.

Some custom ideas for parents, staff, and PTO members may be more than traditional apparel. Options such as: 

  • Custom coffee mugs
  • Custom fleeces
  • Custom polos
  • Custom pullovers

And more promotional products are all available from SportingU!

Ready to Get Spirit Wear for Your School?

For your own school spirit wear or to brainstorm designs, SportingU is your t-shirt printing company in Byron Center, MI. Whether you’re interested in custom t-shirt printing or our other graphic design services, you can count on our expertise. To schedule your quote for custom school apparel, call SportingU at (616) 730-1614 or contact us online. 

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