5 Reasons to Get Embroidered Polos for Employees

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5 Reasons to Get Embroidered Polos for Employees

5 Reasons to Get Embroidered Polos for Employees Bryon Center, MI

Unlike printed shirts, you don’t have to worry about custom embroidery fading in the wash. However, that’s not the only reason why more companies are ordering embroidered polos for their employees. Custom polos not only improve brand awareness, but they have a classic style that lasts for years to come. 

Continue reading to learn the 5 reasons you should consider embroidered polo shirts for your team.

Complements Dress Codes

Your company looks more professional when employees follow a dress code. Compared to other promotional products, embroidered polos remain popular because they flatter all body types and look good on everyone. Custom polo shirts are also able to complement all types of dress codes, from formal to business casual.

Raises Brand Awareness

The most successful companies protect and observe their brands on every level, including dress code. If you’re trying to raise awareness for your brand, we recommend getting embroidered polosfor your team. We offer logo embroidery to create custom polo shirts for your company.

When employees wear embroidered polos outside of work, it raises awareness for your brand. For example, an employee running errands after work will increase brand exposure by getting your company name and logo in front of a larger audience. 

Depending on your industry, employees may even get questions about their jobs and the types of services your company offers. Who knows? A stranger at the grocery store checkout could become a potential lead.

Reinforces Identity

It’s easier for employees to work together when they realize they’re on the same team. Corporate events, workshops, conventions, and volunteer events are great opportunities for your employees to wear their embroidered polos. 

When your employees put on their custom polo shirts, it helps strengthen the idea that everyone is unified and should work together. A strong corporate identity helps your employees feel that they are all working together toward a common goal. We can help you find the right styles, colors, and materials that will best represent your brand.

Embroidery Lasts for Years

Unlike screen printing, custom embroidery on polo shirts lasts for years without fading. This means that embroidered polo shirts will look like new even after many washes. Custom polo shirts are a worthwhile investment because they help form countless impressions of your company. Polo shirts also have a classic shape that won’t go out of style. This means that your employees can wear their embroidered polo shirts from past years without looking dated.

Matches Pantone Colors

What makes your brand unique from the competition? Our embroidered polo shirts can help show your brand to the world using Pantone® colors. Pantone’s color matching system allows us to specify and control colors for printing projects like polos. In short, we’ll be able to help you find the best color match for your shirts. Simply check the thread manufacturer’s companion book for the thread colors they offer, along with their matching Pantone colors.

Order Your Custom Polos Today

You can count on our years of experience as a custom embroidered apparel company in Byron Center, MI, to create the perfect polos for your brand. To order embroidered polo shirts or other promotional items for your company, call SportingU at (616) 730-1614 or contact us online.

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