3 Reasons to Order Custom T-Shirts

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3 Reasons to Order Custom T-Shirts

3 Reasons to Order Custom T-Shirts Grand Rapids, MI

T-shirt screen printing is about more than just creating cool-looking shirts. It’s also about bringing people together for a common purpose. Whether you need to keep track of your students on a school field trip or organize volunteers for a worthy cause, you can count on our expertise in custom screen printing.

Here are 3 reasons why you need custom t-shirts in your life.

Keep Track of School Groups

Planning a field trip at your school and wanting to give your older students the freedom to explore on their own? It's ideal if you can design a t-shirt that will stand out in a crowd. Custom t-shirts are also a good idea for teachers because it will help your students find you easily if there’s a problem.

If you teach younger children, customized t-shirts will make it easier for you to spot students who try to stray from the group. We recommend choosing a bright color for your t-shirts (like red or neon yellow) as it will allow for higher visibility in a crowd. School colors also work great for your t-shirt design. Not only do custom shirts increase student safety during field trips, but they also raise community awareness of your school.

If your students have to wear uniforms, customized t-shirts can be a great way for students to dress casually while still showing school spirit. Students may appreciate a change of pace after wearing polo shirts and khakis Monday through Friday.

Improve Team Spirit

Whether you coach youth baseball or are a member of the company kickball team, custom apparel helps you show off your team spirit. Custom sports apparel also helps you work better as a team by reinforcing your shared identity.

It has been shown that athletes perform better when they feel confident. What better way to boost confidence than with custom athletic apparel? Custom sports apparel reminds athletes that they are part of something bigger and that it’s their job to represent the team well.

Making Ordering Easier for Your Team

Here at SportingU, we can create customized websites for ordering athletic apparel so you don’t have to deal with the hassle of passing out order forms and collecting money. Our custom apparel websites guide shoppers through a streamlined process so they can easily and quickly order what they need.

Organize Volunteers

Are you planning an event run by volunteers? Custom t-shirts help volunteers stand out from the crowd so participants can easily find help and ask questions during the event. Printed shirts are also a great way to help volunteers find each other.

Many organizations give away free t-shirts so volunteers can proudly show their support of a cause. An awesome looking t-shirt can also help spark conversations with people interested in donating their time or money to your organization. Ask us about custom t-shirt printing for your organization today.

Set Yourself and Others Apart

Our Byron Center, MI, screen printing company will work with you to create the perfect t-shirt designs for your school group, sports team, or volunteer organization. To order custom t-shirts, call SportingU at (616) 730-1614 or send us a message online.

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